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  • Technical solutions oxy-fuel welding and plasma cutting

about us

Founded in 2002, Metal Products Company emerged from a group of competing companies in this line of work, through perseverance and most importantly through reliability.

Having reached a considerable level of maturity, our company proposes to you, through this site, to become our customers, partners or collaborators.

From our products and services we bring to your attention the following:
    • Welding supplies, accessories and equipments for welding with electrodes, MIG-MAG welding and TIG / WIG welding process;
    • Professional industrial tools, fruit-growing and gardening tools, band saw for cutting steel, PVC, wood, etc.
    • Hydraulic and pneumatic equipment, supplies and accessories;

Among the services we provide, welding of saw bands, widths ranging from 13 to 80 mm is the most popular.

Business trend: better market coverage, reduced response time and enhanced customer service.