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Saw blades for wood

Saw blades for wood are specially designed for cutting wood and ensure, when properly used, usage for a long period.

BAHCO bi-metal saw blades are successfully used for cutting of hard woods and Koronet saw blades are used for cutting of softwood.
KORONET ribbon saw blades
    • Wide range of sizes and types of teeth.
    • Ideal for soft wood.
    • Resistant to prolonged usage.
Sandflex® DSL
    • Bi-metal blades are a series of extra thick and wide saw blades for demolition and heavy-duty work.
    • Perfect for nail-embedded wood. Slope shaped for various types of cut.
    • Blade length: 150, 228 and 300 mm
    • Blades with special toothing for all-round wood-cutting.
    • The toothing allows considerably faster cross-cutting and ripping compared to traditional blades.
    • The blade is coated for minimum friction.
Blade length: 150, 228 and 300 mm.
    • Toothing: 7 teeth per inch.
Pallet Cutting Blade
Designed for pallet repair shops. Unique V-shape front design prevents the blade from jamming in the wood when cutting nails in damaged parts of the pallet.